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Who doesn’t? If you can get something cheaper, it’s a win situation for you – especially when it comes to looks that add up if you stay true to your favourite brands. So how can you cut some of the corners and not have to compromise over the style or design? Does cheap really have to LOOK cheap?

Generally speaking, no, it doesn’t. With the right research and leg-work, you can source most fashion cheaper – and that doesn’t necessarily mean poorer quality. However, it’s something to keep in mind – cheaper fashion means cheap production costs which CAN affect the quality. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED WITH A GLITTER WARNING-STICK.

Once such website that suffers the dreaded Hit or Miss label is http://www.everything5pounds.com/. I’ve ordered shoes from this website, and one pair destroyed themselves after walking in them for 3 weeks, and the other pair are one of the sturdiest pairs I think I’ve ever bought. And they go with everything. And all for just a fiver! BARGAIN!!! So I can imagine this same Hit or Miss logic applies to the clothes. With that in mind, here’s my pick of the latest stuff from the site. If you buy anything, let me know and we can get reviewing en-masse! GYARU POWER!!!

Clothing to make you less naked


Baby Doll Tunic (Both Colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/baby-doll-tunic-p-34927.html?ii=13859

This dress will be perfect for layering and modifying, also great for Cult Party Kei style.


Flared Skirt (both colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/embossed-flared-skirt-p-36434.html?ii=17505

Nice simple skirt in pastel colours, easy to layer and match with your outfit.


Large Floral Tunic (both colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/large-floral-tunic-p-31770.html?ii=6728

I could see this with a thick white belt around the middle and layered with a base skirt.


Stud Trousers: http://www.everything5pounds.com/diamante-stud-embellished-trousers-p-39313.html?ii=25543

I can’t get over how gorgeous the mint green trousers are. And they’re studded. Lush.


Unicorn Jumper: http://www.everything5pounds.com/mettallic-unicorn-print-sweater-p-40530.html

Pop Icon Dress: http://www.everything5pounds.com/embellished-lace-collar-icon-tunic-p-35106.html?ii=14511

What’s not to love about unicorns? Especially bling unicorns?? Also, Blue Lady Gaga dress. I think it’s nice. I think.


Pink Frill Bolero: http://www.everything5pounds.com/twist-trim-bolero-p-35442.html?ii=15414

Crochet Crop Top: http://www.everything5pounds.com/open-crochet-crop-p-30366.html?ii=5593

I can’t wait to a) have the abs to wear the crochet top and b)wear the crochet top in summer. The bolero can be used across the spectrum – Lolita, Gyaru, Cult Party Kei – you name it.


Cross Jumper: http://www.everything5pounds.com/sequin-cross-pullover-p-38130.html

Halter-neck Dress: http://www.everything5pounds.com/ruffle-halterneck-scarf-print-dress-p-35828.html?ii=16590

Another perfect dress for the summer – great for Hime-Gyarus out there. And nothing says Cult Party like a cross jumper.



MY FAVOURITE PART EVER. SHOES, GIVE ME ALL THE SHOES!!! No seriously, I need all of these shoes. Little Known Tip: When buying cheap shoes, avoid wedge boots. The wedges are glued on very simply, and the wedge part itself won’t be made of anything solid, meaning once the wedge inevitably comes away from the shoe itself, a cobbler (old-school word for a shoe-mender) won’t be able to nail it in and fix it. Mourn the death of the boots.

Two gorgeous pink shoes, I’m loving the bling of the glitter pair.
I’m not a huge fan of the bright pink palattes, but I know many gyarus that are, and add that little chain detail and you’ve got some awesome ankle boots. And those flame wedges – nothing more really needs to be said. VROOOOM.
I thought I’d pick a brown pair with an edge – feathers! Because why not.
Some sensible shoes for when you’re feeling sensible. So for me, never. Cute pink though.
Futuristic Cyber-punk Gyaru – HERE WE COME! Take me to your fashion leader…
I am blown away by these. Blown. Away. Like a carrier bag on the wind. I’m gone.
A classic Gyaru style strappy sandal all for a fiver. Need to order these and will review.
I love these and they’re perfect for the UK’s inevitable wet weather in April. Who said you had to look dowdy battling downpours?
My Rokku-Gyaru sense is tingling… CAN IT BE? Skull motif heels? BEAT ME DOWN WITH MY EYELASHES AND CALL ME BETTY!!!




Twist Lock Clutch (both colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/textured-twist-lock-p-40121.html?ii=30081

A very cute clutch, easy to DIY and make extra-cute. Good backup if you’re expensive clutch ever gives way.


Top Belt: http://www.everything5pounds.com/sides-buckle-chains-belt-p-6935.html?ii=252

Middle Belt: http://www.everything5pounds.com/perforated-trim-faux-croc-skin-belt-p-5879.html?ii=201

Bottom Belt: http://www.everything5pounds.com/studs-disc-embellished-faux-leather-belt-p-5881.html?ii=202

Waist belts are an absolute must-have, instantly creates shape and flatters most outfits.


Pink Fleece CUTE!: http://www.everything5pounds.com/fleeced-scarf-mitten-p-23011.html?ii=2599

Pink Fluffy Headband: http://www.everything5pounds.com/faux-headband-p-37198.html?ii=18743

We’re still in the middle of winter, everyone, protect your bonce and keep warm!


Butterfly Bag: http://www.everything5pounds.com/woven-butterfly-embellished-shoulder-p-40472.html?ii=32844

Stunning, stunning bag!! I’ll be snapping this one up 😀


I’ll be doing a haul of everything£5 hopefully in the next couple of months, so I can give you a run-down of quality and wear. Have any of you guys bought any bits from them before? How were they? Would you recommend buying from them? Would love to hear from you!!


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Sailor Moon Painted Custom Shoes – Work In Progress

My first attempt at painting shoes…

So I’ve been working on a pair of custom Sailor Moon shoes on and of for a couple of months, and thought I’d post my work-in-progress! Still a long way off, and I’m not sure when I’m going to get the chance to finish them, but my feet will instantly power up once they’re done.

Actually, I forgot. These shoes are a size 4. DAMN MY SIZE 5 HUMAN PAWS!


The first shoe as you can see is of Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi, with Luna and her cutesplosion kitty family. Plan is for the other shoe to have Tuxedo Kamen, the Outer Senshi and the talismans (if I can get them to fit).


Also, if this post look spazzy, I’ll fix it when I’m on a proper computer with a screen and keyboard and dancing hula girl USB toy. I’m trying out the WordPress app on my iPhone. COME ON MOBILE TECHNOLOGY!!


Let me know what you guys think! I’ll post an update when they’re all done, don’t know exactly what I’ll do with them as they’re not my size, but I’m sure someone would like them – maybe a giveaway? HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYONE!!