Amazing Etsy shops you must check out!

I love surfing around Etsy for unique and amazing pretties. It’s one of those websites that is just SO DAMN VAST, and it can feel like you’re giving yourself eye strain by endlessly scrolling through all the gorgeous stuff. Yes, Etsy gets a bad rep for being expensive – but it’s all handmade! You want to pay fairly for the product you’re getting, don’t you? Plus, most Etsy sellers I speak to are really awesome and would be the sort of person you could have a glitter fight with. Even the goths. Black glitter in that case, followed by copious amounts of sacrificial blood. And then more glitter.

So do something amazing and support these amazing creators below by checking out their stuff and shop for TEH PRETTIES!




Candy Overdose is perfect for your 3D nail needs – each of the sets have been lovingly designed with bright colours and the cutest little cabochons. It’s about £12 for a set, a great price for a handmade set. Also available are some cute pastel necklaces, phone cases and lip butters.



THOSE. HOGWARTS. NAILS. The second I saw them I think I fell off my unicorn. Even though I would technically be in Slytherin was I in the Potter-verse, I’m far more drawn to the vivid colours of that Ravenclaw set. An absolute must for Potter-loonies. NAIL-ART-PATRONUM! (Visual image of glowing nails flying towards the enemy)





Loli Millie do the cutest kitsch hairbands which would go well with Cult Party Kei, Shironuri, Fairy Kei, Lolita, Gyaru and more. Prices are around £12 for a headband – and they’re all handmade. GIVING THEM AWAY!!!!



These bows are the absolute CUTEST!! I’ve got a bit of a thing for the key motif, so anything vaguely goth-y, featuring keys, gets my bow-senses tingling. Bow-sense? That’s found right behind the SQUEEE brain button. Don’t set them both off at the same time, that’s how Hello Kitty was born. The bows go for around £8.


Clothing, Shoes and Accessories



Cyanide Kiss take Geek Chic to the max, mainly featuring some gorgeous dresses for the superhero inclined, but also sell a good range of gothic and retro-inspired dresses. £45 for a handmade dress – epically cheaper than branded dresses and you’ll get a OOAK.



A fairy-kei and pastel-lovers paradise! Everything sold here is KAWAII to the MAX – pastels, brights, cute characters, lovehearts, sweeties. Accessories start from £8 up to £20.



I love the clothes, but not the logo – I have a severe phobia of jellyfish, even right now I’m writing this part without looking at the actual picture. So I REALLY love the clothes, otherwise I wouldn’t risk putting the photos up AT ALL!! Everything is handmade and gorgeous through and through. With the handmade element, the price is higher – £95 for a skirt. Urgh, jellyfish, urgh, WHY DO YOU EXIST, YOU JELLY-BASED HARBRINGERS OF DEATH.



Not only can I not get over the cuteness of the Unicorn-kitty eyes – but their model is GORGEOUS!! Everything from T-shirts to tote bags, and all around a tenner! Will be ordering from them when I have sufficient pennies and then a haul is in order!!



Each piece made by this creative and inspiring designer is handmade, and runs the shop all alone! What’s a trooper!! Perfect for gyarus, decora, visual kei and pastel goths, you’ll definitely find something to fall in love with here! As is handmade, is more on the expensive side – look to be spending about £13 for the arm warmers above, but more than worth the extra cost!!


If anyone has any reviews of the above sellers – leave a comment below! SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP, MY MARSHMALLOW FLUFFIES!


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Gyaru on a Budget – everything£5.com


Who doesn’t? If you can get something cheaper, it’s a win situation for you – especially when it comes to looks that add up if you stay true to your favourite brands. So how can you cut some of the corners and not have to compromise over the style or design? Does cheap really have to LOOK cheap?

Generally speaking, no, it doesn’t. With the right research and leg-work, you can source most fashion cheaper – and that doesn’t necessarily mean poorer quality. However, it’s something to keep in mind – cheaper fashion means cheap production costs which CAN affect the quality. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED WITH A GLITTER WARNING-STICK.

Once such website that suffers the dreaded Hit or Miss label is http://www.everything5pounds.com/. I’ve ordered shoes from this website, and one pair destroyed themselves after walking in them for 3 weeks, and the other pair are one of the sturdiest pairs I think I’ve ever bought. And they go with everything. And all for just a fiver! BARGAIN!!! So I can imagine this same Hit or Miss logic applies to the clothes. With that in mind, here’s my pick of the latest stuff from the site. If you buy anything, let me know and we can get reviewing en-masse! GYARU POWER!!!

Clothing to make you less naked


Baby Doll Tunic (Both Colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/baby-doll-tunic-p-34927.html?ii=13859

This dress will be perfect for layering and modifying, also great for Cult Party Kei style.


Flared Skirt (both colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/embossed-flared-skirt-p-36434.html?ii=17505

Nice simple skirt in pastel colours, easy to layer and match with your outfit.


Large Floral Tunic (both colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/large-floral-tunic-p-31770.html?ii=6728

I could see this with a thick white belt around the middle and layered with a base skirt.


Stud Trousers: http://www.everything5pounds.com/diamante-stud-embellished-trousers-p-39313.html?ii=25543

I can’t get over how gorgeous the mint green trousers are. And they’re studded. Lush.


Unicorn Jumper: http://www.everything5pounds.com/mettallic-unicorn-print-sweater-p-40530.html

Pop Icon Dress: http://www.everything5pounds.com/embellished-lace-collar-icon-tunic-p-35106.html?ii=14511

What’s not to love about unicorns? Especially bling unicorns?? Also, Blue Lady Gaga dress. I think it’s nice. I think.


Pink Frill Bolero: http://www.everything5pounds.com/twist-trim-bolero-p-35442.html?ii=15414

Crochet Crop Top: http://www.everything5pounds.com/open-crochet-crop-p-30366.html?ii=5593

I can’t wait to a) have the abs to wear the crochet top and b)wear the crochet top in summer. The bolero can be used across the spectrum – Lolita, Gyaru, Cult Party Kei – you name it.


Cross Jumper: http://www.everything5pounds.com/sequin-cross-pullover-p-38130.html

Halter-neck Dress: http://www.everything5pounds.com/ruffle-halterneck-scarf-print-dress-p-35828.html?ii=16590

Another perfect dress for the summer – great for Hime-Gyarus out there. And nothing says Cult Party like a cross jumper.



MY FAVOURITE PART EVER. SHOES, GIVE ME ALL THE SHOES!!! No seriously, I need all of these shoes. Little Known Tip: When buying cheap shoes, avoid wedge boots. The wedges are glued on very simply, and the wedge part itself won’t be made of anything solid, meaning once the wedge inevitably comes away from the shoe itself, a cobbler (old-school word for a shoe-mender) won’t be able to nail it in and fix it. Mourn the death of the boots.

Two gorgeous pink shoes, I’m loving the bling of the glitter pair.
I’m not a huge fan of the bright pink palattes, but I know many gyarus that are, and add that little chain detail and you’ve got some awesome ankle boots. And those flame wedges – nothing more really needs to be said. VROOOOM.
I thought I’d pick a brown pair with an edge – feathers! Because why not.
Some sensible shoes for when you’re feeling sensible. So for me, never. Cute pink though.
Futuristic Cyber-punk Gyaru – HERE WE COME! Take me to your fashion leader…
I am blown away by these. Blown. Away. Like a carrier bag on the wind. I’m gone.
A classic Gyaru style strappy sandal all for a fiver. Need to order these and will review.
I love these and they’re perfect for the UK’s inevitable wet weather in April. Who said you had to look dowdy battling downpours?
My Rokku-Gyaru sense is tingling… CAN IT BE? Skull motif heels? BEAT ME DOWN WITH MY EYELASHES AND CALL ME BETTY!!!




Twist Lock Clutch (both colours): http://www.everything5pounds.com/textured-twist-lock-p-40121.html?ii=30081

A very cute clutch, easy to DIY and make extra-cute. Good backup if you’re expensive clutch ever gives way.


Top Belt: http://www.everything5pounds.com/sides-buckle-chains-belt-p-6935.html?ii=252

Middle Belt: http://www.everything5pounds.com/perforated-trim-faux-croc-skin-belt-p-5879.html?ii=201

Bottom Belt: http://www.everything5pounds.com/studs-disc-embellished-faux-leather-belt-p-5881.html?ii=202

Waist belts are an absolute must-have, instantly creates shape and flatters most outfits.


Pink Fleece CUTE!: http://www.everything5pounds.com/fleeced-scarf-mitten-p-23011.html?ii=2599

Pink Fluffy Headband: http://www.everything5pounds.com/faux-headband-p-37198.html?ii=18743

We’re still in the middle of winter, everyone, protect your bonce and keep warm!


Butterfly Bag: http://www.everything5pounds.com/woven-butterfly-embellished-shoulder-p-40472.html?ii=32844

Stunning, stunning bag!! I’ll be snapping this one up 😀


I’ll be doing a haul of everything£5 hopefully in the next couple of months, so I can give you a run-down of quality and wear. Have any of you guys bought any bits from them before? How were they? Would you recommend buying from them? Would love to hear from you!!


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2015 UK Conventions and Events – ALL IN ONE PLACE! and Love Live School Idol Project

Your Year Planner for UK Events that YOU REALLY MUST GO TO!

Photo 05-01-2015 13 00 56

So now that the New Year’s madness has past us, and we’re very nearly into the second week of January, it’s time to get ORGANISED! I always find at this time of year previously I’ve been frustrated because I can’t find out the dates and locations of the anime/manga events and conventions in one place so I can write them all down in my own diary. So to take out that frustration for myself, and anyone else that may also have early convention anxiety, I’ve made a printable planner for everyone with the major convention dates and locations all written on! In one place! A reference guide!

creepy happy

And that makes me creepy levels of happy. OCD organisation glee.

One little hiccup I’m encountering is that at this point I can’t find any of the smaller events that may be going on through the year – specifically Japanese Fashion meet-ups, so if you’re running an event, let me know so I can update the planner and more people can get to it! And then we can MAKE MORE CUTE! You know it makes sense. Plus it’s better for the smaller fashion events to have more people because then more events get organised, which means more opportunities to SQUEE and drink coffee and wear awesome dresses. Which is really just a win-win for everyone. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


Just click on the image, and you should be taken to my Photobucket, where you can download it – It’s A4, so don’t worry about re-sizing, I sorted that all out beforehand. TIME-SAVING JIGGLE.

OK, so events run-down of each, what’s there, what to expect, can you dress as a llama, do they sell crack*, all of the important things you need to know:

DIGI-CON: Up-and-coming convention with LOADS of guests, lots of cosplay and comic artists, cosplay competitions all throughout the weekend. A bit last minute, I know, tickets are £15 which is reasonable for a 2-day event, but at least you’ll get an event in January, which isn’t the norm.

MIDLANDS COMIC-CON: The Midlands location for the Comic-Con which began in London, runs for a single day. Cosplay and masquerade, as well as some big-name dealers, so you can get your dose of cute and fashion. Buy in advance for a priority ticket and guarantee your early entry and no queueing for £12, or risk it for a biscuit and buy on-the-door tickets for £8. Risk huge queues and crying.

ANIMANGA POP: £10.56 a ticket as all the early bird tickets have been snapped up. Scarlett Young will be performing, so prepare for some cute dancing. That means you’ll need to get your dancing shoes on. Yes you. Dancing shoes. On. Now.

MAJIKKON: LOLITA-LOUNGE. Yep, already sold. Cakes, teas, bring and buy, workshops, nail art. Yep, definitely sold. There’s other stuff too, but Lolita Lounge. £10 for the day ticket – SEE YOU THERE.

MINAMI-CON: I’m afraid if you don’t have a ticket now, then you’ll have to level-up with your patience and hit the waiting list. It’s currently got 65 people on that list, so buckle down and pray. Sorry folks.

NFCC (Newcastle Film and Comic Con): Looks like the Newcastle reboot of the London Film and Comic Con, so expect similar. Early bird day ticket is £12, weekend early bird is £20, guarantees your early entry and shorter (if any) queues. Cosplay, lots of big-name guests, and photo shoot sessions to get a good shot of your costume or outfit.

YORKSHIRE COSPLAY CON: As the name says on the tin – this is for you cosplay lovers out there. Early bird adult ticket is a steal at £7 for the day.

AME-CHIBI: Ame-Chibi is a new version of Ame-Con, which used to run in the summer. This Spring-time reboot promises to be much of the same, but in a smaller venue. So dancing, bring and buys, cosplay, anime, manga, games, fashion meet-ups, cake, silliness, fun, and maybe booze. It’s £47.50 not including your accommodation, so pricier than the rest, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. GET IN QUICK OR RISK THE WAITING LIST OF DOOM!

PLAY-CON: Not a well known one, but if you love retro games and cosplay, then head up to Blackpool! Adult SUPERPASS is £30 for the three days, and all the games you can get. And then out on the town to ride rollercoasters until you puke. Ah, bliss.

LONDON COMIC-CON: The Grand-Daddy of the events, formerly the London Expo, you can’t miss this event. Cosplay galore, fashion meet-ups, and only a stone’s throw away from Central London, plus all the shopping you could want. £45 for the whole weekend – buy early and save yourself some pennies that can be spent on plushie llamas.

MANCHESTER COMIC-CON: A two-day sibling of the London and Midlands variety, expect similar. Weekend ticket is £22 if you book early.

SUNNY-CON: £30 for your weekend pass, what’s not to love about a convention by the sea?! Cosplay and fashion meet-ups, the rest is still to be confirmed.

LFCC (London Film and Comic Con): This long-running event boasts some HUGE names in Sci-Fi and film – but if that’s not your cup of tea, it has a massive selection of dealers to go shopping instead. Expect to see Tofu Cute and Tokyo Toys there. With a lovely update from my friend Emma, ticket price for all 3 days is £40.

HYPER JAPAN: Ticket prices to be confirmed, but you absolutely CANNOT miss this event! Idols, singers and groups from Japan perform daily here, fashion shows, workshops, food, shopping, kimono, lolita, gyaru and so much more. If you pick only one event to do this year – do this one. I BET THAT ON MY FINEST SPORK!

DOKI-DOKI FESTIVAL: Early bird ticket is £12, guarantees early entry, or standard ticket (also in advance… not confusing at all) for £10. I assume the early birds get let in early, and the standards have to languish outside, or sleep in for an extra half an hour. I know what I’d choose. DON’T BE A FOOL. Guests and events to be confirmed, but I should imagine cosplay, shopping, dealers, the usual.


Aaaaand finally… First (and so far best) game of the year

Love Live School Idol Project

Photo 04-01-2015 14 28 54

Twitter Beauties Sapphy-Sei and Lio suggested this game to me. Two words.


Actually, three words.


It’s available for iPhone, and it’s free. You play the organiser of a School Idol Club, sorting out their practices and live shows. The gameplay is effectively a dancing beat-matching game for your fingers, which doesn’t sound particularly exciting until you hear how ridiculously catchy the music is. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions normally, but I will make this one: I WILL COVER THESE SONGS ON YOUTUBE.

So yes, download it. It will be the best thing you did in January. Unless of course you cure poverty, AIDS, cancer or save orphans from a fire during January. In which case, the planet says “Ta very much”. And I’ll give you a cookie.


*lolita crack, like plushie llamas, cake and glitter


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Dying my hair from blonde to LILAC!

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

I’ve wanted to go lilac for a while now – one of those mythical unicorn colours that just looks amazing, but is such a light shade that just thinking about how it would take to my hair would give me a migraine, and then I’d get distracted by shiny things and/or Christmas.


So now that I’ve done it – and it worked – I can give you a step-by-step how I did it. I had to retouch my roots, and unfortunately I didn’t take photos of that process, but here’s a quick run-down:

Dying my roots to a light blonde

Products used: Jerome Russell Blonde Lightening Powder, Jerome Russell Cream Developer – Vol 40 (high vol, but means you can have it on for less time. If you have a sensitive scalp, use 30 vol or lower, and leave on for longer, but no longer than 90mins)

Here’s Heliely Hyde’s tutorial on root touch-up:

White-ish yellow roots? CHECK!


Dying my hair lilac!

Ok, so I foolishly didn’t take photos during the application process (and if I had I would have a purple iPhone instead of a white one as I was doing it all by myself) but to start, always ALWAYS ALWAYS put vaseline around your hair line, ears and back of your neck. You don’t want to look like your hair is melting over your face or that you got into a fight and they punched your hairline and ears. I used Crazy Color’s Lavender (BUY IT HERE). Apply all over your hair, you don’t need to prioritise any parts as you can leave this dye on as long as you want, and it won’t damage your hair, just make sure you work it right down the strands or you’ll have patchy locks.

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

Once you finish applying it all over – USE THE MAGIC CLING FILM! You’ll want to keep as much moisture in as possible so it acts like a conditioner. Also you can do normal things around the house without leaving purple paw prints everywhere. Plus you can pretend that you’re turning into a plastic monster and scare people in the house.

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

I developed it for a grand total of 20 mins. Any longer and it would have gone a very bright purple, and I wanted it to look more lilac. If you want the colour to be longer lasting, leave it on for a full hour, it will be brighter and more purple, but will fade over time to get the pastel lilac you want. HEY, MY HAIR’S CLEAN!

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

Aaaaaand dry! Hair always lightens when dry, and because I didn’t develop it for long, some of the hair is lighter than the rest, giving it some pinky tones. HAIR ACCIDENT WIN! Weird side effect – the dye didn’t take well to the newly bleached roots, so I now have silver roots. Once the hair settles down I’ll go over the roots to get them purple too, although I like the contrast. The dye wasn’t on my dreads long enough to change them, only a few took the purple in – but it made the rest silver!

purple, lilac, hair, dye, head, review, crazy, colour, lavender, pastel, gyaru, winter, 2014, cute, kawaii, tutorial, blonde, dreads

Final product! Very happy with my lilac, although I’m a little skeptical as to how long it’s going to last, as I can’t use conditioner with my dreads. For all you non-dreaded people out there – put a little bit of your dye in your conditioner, it will top up the colour every time you wash your hair 🙂

Any questions about lilac hair or after-care or corresponding unicorn horns? Leave a comment below and LET’S TALK CRAZY HAIR COLOUR!!


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