UK Gyaru Meetup London – 15th March 2015



Saturday 15th March, 2015 ♥ Leicester Square, London

I’m organising the first UK Gyaru meet of 2015 and I’m bubbling over with excitement! I’ve got a fantabulous itinerary for us Gyaru-lovers, so the day’s gonna be kawaii-tastic! Click the Facebook link above for the event page – hope you can all make it! There will be hair, there will be giggling, and maybe, just maybe, PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES.


Plan for the day (although this is open to change depending)

♥ 12pm: Meet and Greet @ Leicester Square ♥

I’ll be holding a sign, so hopefully you’ll find me without any trouble! If not, I’m the purple-haired Gyaru!! Leicester Square is the hub of all the fun things to do for Gyaru-lovers, and has the best food and drink options around as well as Purikura and cute things! BUST OUT THE HAIR AND MAKE IT FABULOUS!


Events for the day

♥ Visit the kawaii fashion shops in the Trocadero, and in China Town ♥

♥ Purikura photos in the China Town Market ♥

♥ Visit to Waxy O’Connor’s for a drink (that’s if people WANT to drink, if the majority prefer not to have a drink, then we can skip this part) ♥

♥ Japan Centre visit ♥

♥ Group photos at the Eros fountain in Picadilly Circus ♥


♥ Misato for food (Japanese, amazing food, amazing prices, amazing portions) ♥


♥ Optional: Visit to the Namco arcade for general silliness, and then on to the Southbank Carousel for further fun and silliness ♥

♥ NEED FEEDBACK ON THIS LAST ONE: Night-out (if people are interested in having a night out!!) ♥

Photo credits: Tokyo Fashion, TripAdvisor


Please share around, my fluffies, and let’s make the first meet AMAZING!!





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